How does Hop On – Hop Off work?
The Hop On – Hop Off system allows passengers to get on and off the bus at their leisure, whenever and wherever they want, at any stop along the route, as long as the ticket is valid
Where can I start the bus/boat tour?
You can hop on at any of the scheduled stops along the route in Moscow, Kazan and St.Petersburg
What are the operating times for the bus/boat?
You can check it here for Moscow, Kazan and St.Petersburg. If there are any changes we will make a note at the main page
Does the service offer any commentary or guide?
All our buses are equipped with multilingual audioguide. Boats in St.Petersburg provide Russian and English commentary only. Boats in Moscow unfortunately do not provide any commentary. Earphones are included in the price but you can take yours
Do the buses have an open rooftop?
Yes! During the warm season all our buses have an open rooftop. But don't be afraid of cold or rain - as soon as we notice the weather is bad we roll the roof back immediately
Will we see all the major sights of the city?
Sure! Our routes are created in a way that lets you see all the main places of the city
Where can I buy tickets?
  1. Online (choose your destination in menu)
  2. Right in the bus (we also accept credit cards
Do you have tickets for one day?
No, we sell tickets for two days only
Should I have my ticket printed?
Yes, we kindly ask you to print your ticket before your trip
Can I buy a ticket for one route only?
No, both routes are included in the price and we do not sell them apart
What is family rate?
Family rate is a special option for mother, father and 1, 2 or 3 children. Tickets for children under 6 years old are always for free
Who can use your service for free?
Children under 6 years old - every day
On weekdays:
  • Disabled persons (medical certificate required) + 1 companion
  • Journalists (ID required)
  • Hotel concierges (ID required)
Do you have reduced rates?
Yes. To check them you need to choose your destination in menu and click on "For students and seniors" button. Please do not forget to bring your documents to prove your right for the reduced rate. We have them for the following categories:
  • Seniors (60+)
  • Students (ID required)
  • Children (7-13 years old)
  • Disabled passengers (medical certificate required)
How many stops are there on the route?
You can check our routes here: Moscow / Kazan / St.Petersburg
How can I find a bus/boat stop?
As a rule our stops coincide with public bus stops. Some stops have special sign nearby. Boat stops are located near to the bus stops
What about the frequency of the stops? How should I know when is next bus?
We don't have fixed schedule but we have interval which you can check here: Moscow / Kazan/ St.Petersburg
How long do the routes take?
You can check it here: Moscow / Kazan / St.Petersburg
How do I connect from one route to the other?
If you open the map of our routes in Moscow and St.Petersburg you will see where stops coincide. But even if you struggle to find it you can always hop on the bus at the stop that is convenient for you and then a steward will help you to change the route
Am I guaranteed a seat if I have a ticket?
Our seating is available on a first-come first-serve basis. We do increase our departures during peak season to accommodate increased interest, but unfortunately seating cannot be guaranteed for any specific departure
Are your buses/boats wheelchair friendly?
All buses have an easy access for disabled people and/or passengers with reduced mobility. Unfortunately, this is not possible on the boats
Are dogs allowed?
Yes, if this dog is small and doesn't bother other passengers or in case it's a guide dog
Where can I leave my complaint or review?
You can send it via e-mail. Check contacts page
If I forgot my belonging on the bus/boat, can I get it back??
Sure. Please call us and give some details: describe a thing you forgot and tell us when was the last time you left the bus, which route was it, etc. Check our phones at contacts page
The bus got stuck in traffic - can I get a refund?
Unfortunately no. We do our best to respect the interval, but traffic is something we can't deal with - compelling circumstances. We highly recommend you to take the advantage of the moment - the view is better from above so you can make the best pictures of the city
I didn't manage to use my ticket - can I get a refund?
We will check your request if you believe that it was our fault. In other case, when you didn't manage to use our service due to your own reasons, when you came after operating hours were over, when you were late for the last departure, etc. - no, you can't get a refund. You can send your request via e-mail which you can find at contacts page
I would like to know about rent/advertising/partnership
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